What exactly is Agritourism?


Agritourism is a blossoming style of tourism that aims to attract visitors to farms and ranches for the purpose of providing both entertaining and educational experiences. These can include: food and beverage tastings, garden tours, farmers’ markets, bed & breakfasts, pick your own fruit, and petting zoos (to name a few…) This practice can be especially helpful for owners of small operations who are looking to generate extra revenue during the off-season, and deepen their connections within their communities. In recent years there has been a boom of Agritourism on Vancouver Island – with experiences popping up all over (see our Things to Do page) We’re honoured to be a part of this movement, and can’t wait to share it with you.

How FBF participates in Agritourism

A core part of our farm, and your guest experience when you visit us is Agritourism. We continue to explore how to better work with this land to provide for our community, and how we can share that knowledge with you.

During your stay, you will have the opportunity to dig into a working flower farm, see what we grow, interact with our animals, and explore our second growth fir forest. Come learn about how our crops provide critical habitat for local pollinators such as bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds, and see how our flock of resident ducks help keep the bugs and weeds at bay (and fertilize the soil for us…) We look forward to teaching you about soil preparation, cover cropping, irrigation and the importance of collaborating with the strengths of your environment to create a healthy biome and microbiome. Thank you for helping us keep the soils nutritious, the plants growing, and the duck tails wagging!

snapdragons at flower beds farm

Stay with us

A lovely blend of cedar, fir, and pine trees wraps around each private and roomy RV nook (we’re not an RV park!)—the perfect spot to unwind, rest, and relax. Sizes range from 35-50’ with full hookups.

zinnias at flower beds farm

What is the ALR?

ALR (Agricultural Land Reserve) is a special zoning designation assigned by the provincial government to regions around the province identified as having fertile soils and agricultural value. Born in the 1970’s out of concerns over the rapid urbanization and development of some of our province’s scarce arable land, the ALR was conceived as a way of protecting food security in our local communities by setting aside the most fertile land and limiting how much of it could be developed. The east coast of Vancouver Island is of particular importance to the ALR due to its fertile soils and favourable growing conditions. You will find that the vast majority of The Islands’ agricultural activity happens here. This includes everything from raising livestock, growing fruits, vegetables and flowers, to wineries, cideries, agroforestry and agritourism.

For more info, visit here:

Agricultural Land Reserve

Agricultural Land Reserve and Agricultural Land Commission

Our Farm

Tucked away on the periphery of Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island, our farm is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Whether you’re here to take in the beautiful blooms, stay in our cozy vacation rental, or just relax in our sauna, you’re sure to leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Flower Farm

Private RV Camping

Vacation Rental

Wood-Fired Sauna

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